Kitty Advice

Water – Cats like their water to be away from their food so it doesn’t get contaminated. They also prefer running water so cat water fountains are ideal but failing that, moving their water dish away from their food is the next best thing!

Food – Cats like to eat from wide, flat dishes so their sensitive whiskers don’t touch the sides. If you notice your cat using his/her paw to scoop the food out of the dish, he/she could be suffering from whisker stress! Bowls which are too narrow and too deep, forcing your cat to put his/her whole head into the dish can hurt their whiskers.

Litter – The general rule for litter trays is one per cat plus an additional tray. Litter trays should be scooped daily and placed in areas which benefit your cat, not where is aesthetically pleasing to you! Also, the litter tray needs to be an appropriate size for the size of your cat. They should be able to turn around comfortably in the tray.

Toys – Indoor cats can suffer from toy fatigue! To avoid this, rotate your kitty’s toys regularly so they don’t get bored with the same toys day in, day out.

Cat Trees – When we enter a room we only look at it horizontally but cats view rooms from floor to ceiling. They feel most comfortable when they’re up high, away from danger, so cat trees are essential for indoor cats.

Scratching Posts – Scratching isn’t something cats do for fun, it’s essential to their well-being. They need to be able to stretch and flex and shed any dead surface layers on their claws which cause irritation and discomfort. Scratching posts need to be tall enough for your cat to stretch out fully and sturdy enough to take their full weight.

Flowers – Some flowers are toxic to cats and can be lethal. Certain types of lilies and tulips for example are highly toxic. If your cat eats any part of these flowers, or gets pollen on their face or fur, take your cat to the vet immediately.