Cat Sitting

I offer a professional cat sitting service, caring for your cat in the comfort of their own home.

Cats like to be in their own territory where surroundings and smells are familiar. A visit to the cattery can be stressful for your kitty, they would much prefer to stay at home while you go on your well earned break.

I will visit your cat once a day (twice a day if your cat is a kitten under 6 months old, a senior cat over 15 years old or your cat is on medication*). During my visits I will feed them, give them fresh water, attend to their litter tray, play with them and give them lots of cuddles (if they wish). The length of each visit will vary depending on the cat. Some cats will want to play and like lots of TLC while other cats may prefer to get back to their catnap after a good feed!

As a kitty parent, I know how worrying it can be leaving your furry friend for a week or two or even for a weekend break. I can send you daily updates by text or email to let you know how kitty is doing and put your mind at ease so you can relax and enjoy your time away.

*Please note, Kitty Cuddles Aberdeen can only administer medication given in food and does not care for acutely ill cats, cats with uncontrolled medical conditions such as epilepsy or cats with diabetes who need daily injections. If your cat is on medication this must be disclosed at the time of booking.